Raw Cranberry Smoothie

Cranberries have been a favorite of mine since I was little and I’m starting to incorporate them into my everyday nutrition instead of just around Thanksgiving.

Enter my super simple Cranberry Cherry Smoothie:

  • Half cup frozen raw cranberries

  • 1/4 cup organic apple juice (sweetness helps cut the tartness of the raw cranberries)

  • Half cup frozen dark sweet cherries (whole foods 365 are my favorite)

  • 1 cup of spinach

  • Coconut water/ water as needed

  • Add low fat (not nonfat) greek yogurt for a creamier texture


Why cranberries? Well first and foremost, there is a whole research center built around studying the benefits of Cranberry Phytochemicals. Dr. Catherine C. Neto at UMass Dartmouth focuses on cranberries and their role in health and nutrition. Click here to learn more about the research center.

Dr. Neto has uncovered in her research the profound impact cranberry phytochemicals have on protecting brains cells found in rats from cell damage and death when exposed to stroke like conditions. In her study Cranberry Phenolics: Effects on Oxidative Processes, Neuron Cell Death, and Tumor Cell Growth, Dr. Neto found that the highest concentration of cranberries, roughly a half cup, reduced cell death and damage in rat’s brain cells by HALF.

Case in point, cranberries can lessen the damage of brain cells and protect them from death when exposed to stroke like stressors. They also protect against cancers by inhibiting the growth of tumors and lastly, they help fight the oxidative processes associated with vascular disease.

Enough of the science (which I love by the way) and enjoy!