After a total knee replacement in 2013, Pilates became an outlet for me to practice health and wellness within my own means, listening to my body, and embracing the new challenge of a titanium implant.

I aim to share my fitness journey with others and enlighten each on the importance of connecting mind and body, while keeping your body safe and achieving goals. 

I obtained my certification in Mat Pilates at Gramercy Pilates in NYC- a PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) accredited studio. I've been practicing and teaching Pilates for 10 years!


Pilates is designed to improve postural alignment, coordination, balance, physical strength, flexibility, and enhance mental awareness. 

It is the simultaneous movement of breathe and core activation.

The core is the center which encompasses the abdomen, lower and upper back, hips, gluteus, and inner thighs.

The breathe, an important aspect, acts to connect all parts of the body. This distinction separates Pilates from all other forms of exercise.